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What are the benefits of yoga ?

By now you already heard that yoga is extremely beneficial to the human body and soul. Even when you scroll through social media, you will come cross health and fitness coaches always starting their day with a quick session of yoga or meditation.

Before we jump into the benefits of yoga, we might want to know the meaning of the word yoga. The actual meaning of yoga is derived from word "yuj" which means union or to unify. In a larger scale, yoga means a set of physical and mental exercises, originally from India, intended to give control over the body and mind. According to Cambridge Dictionary.

Makes you wonder what are the benefits of yoga ?, The answer can be divided into two groups.

  • Physical benefits of yoga

  • Mental benefits of yoga


The physical benefits of yoga are:

  1. Yoga increases mobility and balance.

  2. Yoga improve cardiac health

  3. Yoga can maintain body weight

  4. Yoga can enhance your strength and stamina


1- Yoga increases mobility and balance

Yoga poses can help stretch your muscles. Therefore, you can move freely and less stiff. Yoga poses also help your joints to move in the right direction. Also with the constant stretching of the muscles your body can feel limber. Majority of people can see 35% improvement in just 8 weeks.

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2- Yoga improve cardiac health

Practicing yoga can put your heart in relaxed status, that can results in more stable pulses and controlled hormones level such as cortisol and adrenaline. Recent study showed that practicing yoga twice a week can help lower blood pressure, blood cholesterol and blood glucose levels. As well as heart rate, making it a beneficial routine to add to your week.


3- Yoga can maintain body weight

When maintaining or reducing body weight people usually picturing a vigorous cardio session, when in fact yoga proven to be effective weight managing technique. Performing a yoga twice a week can increase calories burned as well as keeping stress level under control which can result in lower food intake. Knowing that majority of people stress eat.

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4- Yoga can enhance strength and stamina

yes yoga is not an aerobic exercise yet, a recent researches proved that yoga can be as effective as a normal aerobic exercise in increasing your strength and stamina. In fact, holding a yoga pose can take a lot of strength. holding a pose can help build more muscle fibers mainly in your arms, legs , back and core.


The Mental benefits of yoga are:

  1. Reduce depression and anxiety

  2. Yoga increase concentration and focus

  3. Improve your mood


1- Reduce depression and anxiety 

Look at yoga like it is a full package, it is an exercise, relaxation and socialization. You will get to move your body and relax your mind. also have an extra edge in your social life. This can tremendously reduce a depression level as well as anxiety episodes.

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2- Yoga increase concentration and focus

Have you ever had hard time focusing ? or very short focus span ?, you are not alone we all do. Here where Yoga comes to the rescue. Practicing Yoga regularly proven to build new brain connection. Think of it like your muscles. you want bigger muscle you need to life heavy weights. And if you want sharper brain practice yoga.


3- Improve your mood

We all go through mood swings, some more than others. But what causes the mood swing ? many factors such as, sleeplessness, hormonal imbalance and stress. Frankly things which we can over come in a regular yoga practice.


What to wear for a yoga class ? 

In Eagleflex we designed the best Yoga Pants for you, because we know your needs. Yoga poses can be challenging enough, you dont something to restrict your movements. Eagleflex Best Pants for Yoga very stretchable , thick and breathable. you will have a limitless moving rang.


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In a Nutshell, this blog doesn't do yoga any justice. There are many uncovered benefits of yoga, but we mentioned the most relatable. Practicing yoga at least twice a week, can have unimaginable improvements on your mental and physical health. starting from your brain, joints and muscles fibers. Now you know the potential behind yoga, why don't you get ready here.

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