sometimes we get caught up in the dynamic of our life, and it slips our minds about the underprivileged societies and individuals.

Eagleflex dedicate percentage of the profit for donation every quarter. Every small donation can mean a warm child in the cold nights. Every small donation can be a dinner for someone.

His Highness Shaikh Mohamed started the 1 billion meals campaign this Ramadan 23' to exceed his pervious year success of the 1 milion meals campaign.

please use the links below to donate, and send us the proof of donation to to receive a generous discount.


1. 1 Billion Meals Campaign

1 billion meals campaigns his highness Mohammed bin Rashed

2. .Al Jalila Foundation

Al Jalila foundation make a donation




4. Dubai Cares

dubai Cares donation


Sky is the limit when it comes to donations, choose the organization that suits you our offer still stand , you do your part we do ours.

if you need help donating contact us or send an Email to